and soloists such as:
- Dorota Szczepańska,
- Anna Mikołajczyk,
- Jacek Delong,
- Paweł Gusnar,
- Tytus Wojnowicz.

In 2011 I was commissioned by the Warsaw Centre for Cultural Education (SCEK) to prepare a project for secondary music schools.
In 2012, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage commissioned me to write a new work as part of the programme entitled ‘Collections - priority: Composer Commissions’.

I take part in seminars and lectures dedicated to my works. Articles about my music have been printed in such periodicals as ‘Ruch Muzyczny’ and ‘Kultura i Biznes’, as well as academic publications, e.g. Jacek Delong’s Performance Practice in Contemporary Saxophone Music (which contains analyses of my compositions) and Marcin Ślązak’s Ph.D. dissertation Missa Pro Peccatis Mundi – The Combination of a Mixed Choir with a Brass Orchestra and Its Special Qualities.