I have recently concentrated on the exploration of new emotional dimensions strictly related to space. Composition is for me a reflection on the musical qualities. Hence the modification of sound colour as one of the principles of organising sound components into structures with a varying degree of abstraction (Apollo and Marsyas). It depends on forming colours with different internal structures and it creates a new internal harmony of space.
In my works, this harmony is created through the spatial interactions of modified sound colours with various melodic and rhythmic structures, as well as through acoustic processes and the movement and energy that derive from the space.
Fractal graphics were an astonishing discovery for me and today I can say that they have become my inspiration. In my most recent orchestral works: Music of Fractal, Les couleurs de l’espace, Symphony No. 5 and Oxygen – I have attempted to grasp the fundamental idea of fractals and translate it into music scores. The orchestra and the soloists are arranged spatially on the stage (and in other places) in several different or identical groups. Each group creates different states of energy and abstraction which function together in the music or exist side by side. At least this is how it seems to work, but in fact the groups are (usually) characterised by a high degree of self-similarity.
The tensions that appear between the acoustic expansion of the groups and microstructures (fractals) lead the listener to the discovery that the gradually augmented structures look identical to the original whole.

Another field of my explorations is electronic music, which constitutes an inexhaustible source of expressive and emotional resources. The possibility to create new sound colours and combine them with traditional (acoustic) instruments opens up completely new dimensions of music which I can discover and mould. Rhythm, which plays a special role in my music, in combination with electronics allows me to form new three-dimensional types of space (Eighth Day of the Week, Annapurna 8091, Piano Concerto).